Greens Overseeder

AgriMetal has found solutions to deal with persistent problems to greens over seeding.

The problems consist of wide spacing between rows which take forever to fill in.
Low germination caused by ineffective placement of the seed in the trench.
Excessive damage caused by the blades during single and diamond pattern seeding.

AgriMetal has designed an over seeder that eliminates the problems that superintendents have been battling with for over 25 years.

A regular seeding pattern at ¾ inch from center to center. Notice the clean slitting without any thatch or debris allowing seed to drop into the trench for proper contact with the soil. Notice the seeds embedded deep into the trench. Regardless of bare turf or established turf, using the AgriMetal W-24 over seeder guarantees you the best results every time.

Overseeder on Kubota
Overseeder on Kubota

Overseeder on John Deer
Overseeder on John Deer

Easy Adjustment

The W-24 does not require any tools for the depth adjustment.

9 HP Honda Engine

Simply activate the metering drum and slitting rotor by lowering or raising one lever. The W-24 over seeder is powered by a reliable 9 HP Honda engine. Clean slitting on established turf, as well as, on bare turf.

Diamond pattern seeding

Diamond pattern seeding without damaging the green.

The Perfect Spacing

Tight ¾ inch spacing from center to center.


For easy transportation from green to green a specially designed trailer is included with every W-24 overseeder.

Precise metering

Precise metering specially designed for bentgrass seed. Each hose has its own metering hole to assure even distribution. Seed flow control rate is directly related to ground speed for accurate seeding. The operator has a choice of 7 different flow rates to choose from.

Download the Green Overseeder brochure