Greens Roller 400

Presentaion of the 400 GREENS ROLLER.

Features :

  • Four 6” diam.
  • drive rollers.
  • Honda 11 HP motor.
  • Traction floating heads.
  • Self-locking trailer.
  • Hydrostatic over hydraulic system.
  • Self-centering traction pedals.

Benefits :

  • Provide maximum traction and efficiency in morning dew condition.
  • A turf industry standard combines years of reliability with ease of maintenance.
  • Both floating heads contain two rollers that provide their own drive system.
  • The industries only self locking system guarantees safe transport.
  • Combines proven reliability with ease of operation.
  • Using bearings not bushings for our traction pedals provides smoother operation and years of reliability.


greens roller 400 low profile trailerLow profile trailer

AgriMetal’s low profile trailer with the adjustable tongue allows the operator to set the loading angle to the height of the towing vehicule.  This provides the operator more control for smooth loading and unloading.


green roller 400 trailer fenderTrailer Fender

The trailer fenders are constructed of steel whit exclusive impact resistant bumpers to re-enforce the overall structure.


green roller 400 floating headgreen roller 400 floating headFloating steering head

The Roller’s floating head design contours the most severe undulations effertlessly.  Providing a higher  “Roll Factor” which equals a better putting surface with minimal compaction.

green roller 400 floating head cleaninggreen roller 400 floating head cleaningFloating steering head easy cleaning

Each floating heads has openings on the top, front and back, making clean up simple. The #80 chain drive system provides ease of operation with years of reliability.

greens roller 400Specifications

Download the specifications for this 400 Greens Roller