Core Breaker

Aerate fairways without interrupting the game

The CORE BREAKER breaks up aeration cores over a 6 or 8 foot working width. The rotor’s action separates grass roots from the soil, and deposits nutrient rich soil and organic matter back on the turf.

The Core Breaker :

  • Works over a 6 or 8 foot working width
  • Cover from 3.5 to 5 acres per hour
  • Breaks up the aeration cores
  • Separates nutrient rich soil from root material in cores

Break up aeration cores

The rotor is made of wire impregnated rubber fingers. This rotor rotates between 2 rows of stationary knives to completely break up aeration cores and separate chaff from the soil. A rear mounted flexible steel drag mat evenly applies rich soil back onto the turf.

Quick and efficient work

After using the Core Breaker, only the stubble will show. To remove it, simply go over the area with an AgriMetal blower. Once both of these operations have been completed, golfers can walk and play on the course without any incovenience.

Download the brochure for this Core Breaker