Fairway Aerator

Aeration relieves compaction and helps promote good drainage. Aeration opens the soil to let air, water, and nutrients reach the roots of your turf.
AgriMetal FA720 Fairway Aerifier is designed for heavy duty use on your biggest aeration jobs. The design is simple, and proven. 12 cast iron wheels mounted on 6 axles work independently to follow contours and penetrate compacted areas. The 6 foot working width lets you cover up to 50 acres per day.

The FA720 is your perfect choice for aerating fairways, school grounds, sports fields, and parks! The FA 720 is available in a pull type and 3 point hitch versions.

Options to fit your needs

Six heads containing twp wheels float independently to follow your most demanding contours. Weight trays are standard to aid penetration on compacted areas. 

Wheels can be fitted with heavy wall 3/4’’ coring tines or rugged slicing knives if your customers demand coreless aeration. 8 tines or knives are standard per wheel with the option of doubling to 16.

The AgriMetal FA 720 features more up and down floatation than other competitive aerators. Sealed bearings mean you can work the machine instead of working to maintain it, and the powder paint process will keep your Aerator looking like new for years to come.

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