Greens Roller 660

Introducing the new Agrimetal 660 GREENS ROLLER. The first roller to combine floating head technology and drive rollers in one.

Features :

  • Five 6” diam.
  • drive rollers.
  • 66” Rolling width
  • Five drive rollers
  • TriPlex rolling system
  • Honda 13HP motor
  • Traction floating heads
  • Self guiding trailer
  • Self locking trailer
  • Integrated light system
  • Self centering traction pedals
  • Hydrostatic over hydraulic system

Benefits :

  • Provide maximum traction and efficiency in morning dew condition.
  • Allows for minimal compaction while helping to reduced labor costs.
  • Provides maximum traction with no rubber rollers to wear.
  • Handles severe undulations with minimal overlap.
  • A turf industry standard combines years of reliability with ease of maintenance.
  • All three floating heads contain two rollers that provide their own drive system, an industry first.
  • Ensures accuracy while loading by aligning the roller with the trailer.
  • The industries only self locking system guarantees safe transport.
  • Provides a safe working environment and ensures that you stay ahead of play.
  • Using bearings not bushings for our traction pedals provides smoother operation and years of reliability. Combines proven reliability with ease of operation.


green-roller-sideLow profile trailer

AgriMetal’s low profile trailer with the adjustable tongue allows the operator to set the loading angle to the height of the towing vehicule.  This provides the operator more control for smooth loading and unloading.

green-roller-side-266” rolling width

AgriMetal’s 660 Green Roller provides an industry leading 66″ of rolling width, which allows the operator to roll more in less time.  The larger width is spread over three narrow floating heads providing exceptional rolling quality.  Five of the six 6″ diameter rollers have traction to provide maximum traction and efficiency in morning dew condition.


green-roller-1Floating steering head

The floating steering head provides the tightest turning radius available on the market.  This unique design has built-in guides to ensure minimal overlap and maximum productivity.  The chain drive steering provides ease of operation with years of reliability.

green-roller-2Hydro-Gear hydrostatic pump

The Hydro-Gear hydrostatic pump has been matted with Honda’s reliable 13HP motor to ensure maximum torque and efficiency.  Each head is powered by its own hydraulic motor in series to distribute flow and torque evenly.

green-roller-3Easy Fueling

Fueling the 660 Green Roller is easy with the hinged seat providing easy access.  The adjustable seat provides the operator comfortable seating on every green.  The engine cover is allowing easy access for maintenance on the 13HP Honda engine and hydraulic system.

green-roller-5Industry FIRST TriPlex roller design

The industries FIRST TriPlex roller design allows you to roll larger areas in less time. Its floating head design contours the most severe undulations effertlessly. Providing a higher “Roll Factor” which equals a better putting surface with minimal compaction.

green-roller-6Self driven TriPlex rolling system

griMetal’s 660 Green Roller is the only self-driven TriPlex rolling system on the market.  Its revolutionary design gives you all the accuracy and reliability of TriPlex mowers while providing maximum ”Roll factor”.