Triplex Greens Roller

The most effective, & economical way to roll your Greens!

AgriMetal’s Greens Roller replaces the reel mower heads on Tri-Plex Greens Mower in minutes. Roller Heads fit in the same mounts as the reels, and the reel motor hangs on the roller head for storage and to provvide additional weight. Heads weigh 80 pounds each and come with 4 top weights that are 10 pounds each. Roller heads are hollow and can be filled with sand to provide additional weight. Total loaded weight is up to 140 pounds per head.


  • JD 2500 series
  • Jacobsen Green King IV & V series

Option to fit your needs

An optional brush attachment is also available to brush top dressing materials below reel height. Brushes are replaceable and height adjustable.

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