Greens Rotary Brush

The most effective, & economical way to brush your greens !

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Replaces the reel mower heads

AgriMetal greens rotary brush replaces the reel mower heads on tri-plex greens mower in minutes. Rotary brush heads fit in the same mounts as the reel.

Fits mostt popular Tri-Plex greens Mower

  • JD 2500 series
  • Toro Green Master 3000, 3100 & 3200 series
  • Jacobsen Green King IV, V & VI series

In action

As opposed to fixed brush systems; the rotary greens brush does not skip, jump or brtuise the turf. This is possible due to the spiral design and rotation speed of the brush. Furthermore, the spinning action allows the brush to evenly disperse the sand even on spotted topdressing conditions.

Deeply settle the sand

The AgriMetal rotary brush allows you to deeply settle the sand in the turf grass as not prematurely dull your mower reels.

Multiple applications

The rotary greens brush is used in many different applications such as cleaning debris off greens and tee boxes. It is also the best tool to invigorate the turf for spring green-up.

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