Bench Saw Conveyor C-312

Bench saw’s best friend

Designed to use in tandem with table saw, log splitter, or just solo when loading a trailer or timber back in the fall. The C-312 will be vey useful. Very compact with its 12 feet long “V” slab, it loads 9 feet long wood pieces . With this feature, it is class apart! Very economical with its 3 HP engine, it offer up to 6 hrs of autonomy with a single tank, without neglecting the performance. Its # 62 detachable chain is very robust and based on a plastic strip to reduce noise and prevent wear. Adjustable slew rate according to engine speed. Its well balanced light weight allow the user to move the conveyor effortlessly. Its narrow axle makes it transportable in a 8 foot truck box.

Low maintenance

Adjustable # 62 string, very robust, based on a plastic strip

Lift height adjustable using a winch with a capacity of 800/lbs

Drive system

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