Portable Bench Saw MBS724

Designed to cut fire wood up to 8 1/2″ in diameter.

Is your wood lot a tedious chore? AgriMetal has the solution! Using the MBS724 transforms your chore into a pleasant hobby whatever the season. Wood lot owners, larger property owners, or anyone that is not familiar with operating chainsaws will be amazed of the results. The innovative design of the MBS724 has tremendous advantages.

Festures :

  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Keeps straight cuts.
  • Requires little maintenance
  • The MBS624 or MBS724 keeps a sharp edge even with dry dirty hardwood thanks to carbide tipped blade.
  • Adjustable gauge keeps a uniform cut from beginning to end, making each piece of wood equal length.
  • Safety guards protects operator from all moving parts.
  • Rolling table is equipped with a stability paddle to guide the wood to the blade.
  • Eliminate back aches.

Easy to store

Carbide blade

Powered by a 5.5HP Honda Engine

Swing legs and stability bars immobilize the MBS724 for operation. Allows to operate with or without being hitched to ATV.

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