Turbine Blower TB-380 I.C.


Get the performance of a 3 points hitch blower without the use of a tractor.

Intelligent control system

The intelligent control system guarantees to stop the chute in the desired position.This advantage makes the turbine blower TB-380 I.C. easier to operate. This is the most efficient blower on the market.

Horizontal blowing

The TB-380 IC is positioned close to the ground so it blows horizontally, making it the most powerful turbine in its class. This turbine has a lid to avoid damaging your fairways. Whether you blow the grass clippings, straw or leaves, the turbine TB-380 I.C. will do the work two times faster than other turbines.


The AgriMetal Turbine Blower TB-380 I.C. is powered by a KOHLER 38 HP Pro-Command gas engine.

Gas reserve

The two 6 gallons fuel tank allows you to get more done between fill ups.

Shock resistant

The wheels wings are made entirely of metal. The structure around them greatly increases the impact resistance.

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