Max Pro Inverted Snow Blade (Kubota)


Best paint in the industry

The paint covering the AgriMetal snow blowers is made by a powder coated paint system to increase unequaled durability.

AgriMetal is the only snow blower manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience using a powder coated paint system. This paint system is renowned in the industry as the best paint covering on commercial equipment. However, for the paint system to perform it is vital that the steel be well prepared. The first procedure is to metal blast all the parts of the blower to eliminate any imperfection on the steel. This procedure is similar to sand blasting in order to make the metal surface porous and maximize the adherence of the powdered paint.

The second procedure consists in washing all the parts of the snowblower. The enclosed washing chamber has a 60 hp variable speed pump with multiple jets to uniformly wash the parts in a phosphate base solution. At the beginning of the cycle, the parts are washed a high pressure at 450 gpm. During the last minute of the cycle the pump lowers its pressure to conserve the optimum amount of phosphate for maximum paint adherence. generic ambien and drying to complete the procedure before painting.

The paint used does not contain any led and meets all environmental regulations. This paint system has been regularly tested to perform against ultra-violet rays and salt air corrosion. Preserving your AgriMetal snow blowers for years to come.

gratte-levageThe high-lifting system of the MAX-PRO easily allows the driver to avoid any obstacles.

position-pivotsThe wise positioning of the pivot points increases the pressure on the scraper’s blade for a clean job.

harnais-monocoqueLe harnais monocoque ultra rigide, conçu à partir de plaque d’acier, réduit sa dimension et se marie parfaitement au tracteur.

harnais-pres-tracteurIts ultra-rigid monohulled sub-frame, designed from steel plates, reduces its size and fits perfectly the tractor.



harnais-essieuxThe sub-frame is positioned higher than the tractor axle to allow it to move freely over the snow banks

pivots-graissablesThe pivot pins are greasable and made of grade # 4340 hardened steel.

boulonnerieAll the blade’s hardware are made of stainless steel to prevent them from rusting.

patins-flottantsThe floating skid shoes increase considerably the blade’s efficiency. Nothing exceeds the side of the wings since the springs are located inside the shoes.

garde-boueThe oversized mudguards are designed to keep the tractor cab clean (optional).