Max-Snow Snow blower

The snow blower with the highest performance under the worst conditions.

The Max-Snow blower has been developed in conjunction with professional snow removal contractors. It is without a doubt the highest performing snow blower on the market. Everything has been designed to increase productivity of commercial snow removal. More heavy-duty, lighter and more maneuverable than existing snow blowers, The Max-Snow is also more effecient by evacuating the snow faster than any other existing two stage snow blowers on the market.

Heavy-duty – Maneuverable – Lightweight

High quality steel is used for the frame’s structure. High strength QT-400 steel is used in strategic areas to increase structure rigidity while reducing overall weight. This is why it is the most maneuvrable and most rigid snow blower you will ever use.

Max Snow spécifications

  • A – Larger high performance chute.
  • B – Lighter and more heavy-duty high strength steel impeller.
  • C – Angled chain guard to prevent snow accumulation.
  • D – High strength steel plate to reinforce bottom of the blower frame.
  • E – Chute’s guide wheeles.
  • F – High strength steel for the impeller housing to improved durabilty.
  • G – Rubber flap to protect the chain from salt and debris.
  • H – Removable safety guard to facilitate replacement of sheer pins.
  • I – Oversized reinforcement bars.
  • J – High strength steel side shoes.
  • K – High strength steel adjustable skid shoes.
  • L – Heavy duty attachment points.


The high strength steel skid shoes are placed on either side to increase life of knife edge of the the snow blower. The adjustable skid shoes are wider for better floatation performance and to minimize digging in gravel yards. Furthermore, the adjustable skid shoes are placed in the rear, to increase scraping performance as needed and this setup avoids any protrusions on the side of the snow blower.

Max Snow design

The flat design of the snow deflectors performs exceedingly well by compacting the soft snow and creating a uniform jet of snow. This snow deflector design makes it practically impossible to clog the chute even under wet snow conditions.

Best paint in the industry

maxSnow_2682_paintThe paint covering the AgriMetal snow blowers is made by a powder coated paint system to increase unequaled durability.

AgriMetal is the only snow blower manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience using a powder coated paint system. This paint system is renowned in the industry as the best paint covering on commercial equipment. However, for the paint system to perform it is vital that the steel be well prepared. The first procedure is to metal blast all the parts of the blower to eliminate any imperfection on the steel. This procedure is similar to sand blasting in order to make the metal surface porous and maximize the adherence of the powdered paint.


maxSnow_2682_paint3The second procedure consists in washing all the parts of the snowblower. The enclosed washing chamber has a 60 hp variable speed pump with multiple jets to uniformly wash the parts in a phosphate base solution. At the beginning of the cycle, the parts are washed a high pressure at 450 gpm. During the last minute of the cycle the pump lowers its pressure to conserve the optimum amount of phosphate for maximum paint adherence. generic ambien and drying to complete the procedure before painting.


The paint used does not contain any led and meets all environmental regulations. This paint system has been regularly tested to perform against ultra-violet rays and salt air corrosion. Preserving your AgriMetal snow blowers for years to come.

Brochure for Max-Snow snow blower