Leaf and debris Collector

A revolutionary idea yields AMAZING performance!

AgriMetal’s creative designers built a large diameter impeller and put it inside the pickup head. A leaf & debris collector designed to be towed behind lawn & garden tractors. The AgriMetal Collector is a stand-alone unit with an independent pickup head featuring a rotative flails. Leaves and debris are sucked into both sides of the impeller and has only a few inches to travel to the hopper. So, as a result it’s like having 2 blowers housing and 2 impellers on each collector.

Model 4420

2 cubic yards (54 cubic feet) holding capacity for larger area. Feature a 7.5 HP engine w/electric start.

Optional: hydraulic apron for fast & easy unloading available on the 4420 only.

Allows you to pick up:

  • Pine needles
  • Thatch
  • Leaves

Machine overview

The 22 inch diameter impeller offers the following additional benefits :

  • Longer longivity because it is turning slow
  • Slower RPM means quiet operation (low decibel)
  • A low RPM means less dust being raised

Nylon flails

The nylon flails are very effective even in the tall grass and yet so gentle that it will not mark the turf.

Innovant rotor

AgriMetal collector feature an innovative rotor with super light nylon flails that lift up the leaves, thatch and even picks up pine straws out of the fine turf.

Optional Mulching kit

Also available, an optional mulching kit to break up leaves so as to load more into the collector for less trip to the dump site.

Heavy duty nylon bristle brush

Optional: Heavy duty nylon bristle brush which offers exceptional performance for spring cleanup and quick & easy grass collection in summer months. Switch from flails to bristles in minutes !


Compact design allowing unparalleled access to areas others cannot reach.


As simple as dropping a pin through the hitch, no needs to connect to the mower.


A manual or hydraulic apron offered as an option, unload the hopper quickly scraping the floor clean even when loaded with wet clipping or and leaves.


Downlaod the Leaf and debris Collector Specifications