Designed for the most demanding superintendent

The large format design of the vacuum housing allows us to reduce the impeller RPM.

The benefits are :

  • Quiet operating level for the operator and surrounding neighbours.
  • Eliminate noise pollution

Multi-Vac 772

Model 772
7 cubic yard hopper / 72’’ pick-up head.



A greater holding hopper capacity with AgriMetal Multi-Vac series. The Multi-Vac series has two rotary blades turning at high speed to shred leaves & branches and a third rotary blade located inside the pick-up head throat to eliminate any clogging. This exclusive internal shredder greatly increases the volume of debris that is packed into the hopper.

he benefits of this exclusive design are:

  • To prevent the operator from having to stop and unclog the pick-up head
  • It allows a much longer time between trips to the dump site
  • Increases productivity

Pick-up head

The pick-up head lowers and rises hydraulically from the operator’s seat. As the operator lifts the pick-up head, the front raises first which allows to vacuum thick piles of leaves. The pickup head rides on 4 large rollers to eliminate marking, compacting and scuffing fairways.

New brush system

AgriMetal has developed a new brush system that is second to none in sweeping leaves and branches. The brush is made of 3/8’’ wide high-strength nylon fingers with shorter steel knives located between the nylon fingers. The nylon fingers and steel knives are made to freely pivot so as not to damage the turf, while throwing leaves and branches into the intake.

No-tools adjustment

The front roller height adjustment is easily done without the need of tools.

Low ground pressure

2 sets of wheels, mounted on walking beam axles to ensure low ground pressure and eliminate scuffing in tight turns.

Optional suction hose

An optional 16 foot commercial suction hose is available on all models.

Exhaust system

The exhaust of the Multi-Vac series expel the vicious air at the bottom of the rear door, directing the dust straight to the ground.

Hydraulic dump

A hydraulic dump system is used to empty the debris from the hopper. The hopper tilts up to a 60 degree angle to completely empty the box. This system is quick and efficient allowing the operator to return to the field, thus maximizing productivity.

Cleaning platform

A platform located around the blower housing enable the operator to safely & properly clean out the inside of the blower. A drain trap is located at the bottom of the blower to drain water and residues. Once the hopper is tilted, it is quick and easy to wash out the inside.


Download de the Multi-Vac 772 specifications